New Centro Route to Airport

It is with great excitement that the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (SRAA) can announce Centro will begin regularly scheduled bus service to and from the airport beginning next Tuesday, September 5th!

This long-awaited service will pick up and drop off employees/passengers in the Arrivals A area, which is located at the far south curb line outside of Baggage Claim A. Please see the route description, including the schedule, to learn more about the service.

Broadly, the service originates at Centro’s downtown hub and will operate its full 13-run schedule on weekdays, a limited 3-run schedule on Saturdays, and no service on Sundays. We understand this doesn’t cover every single shift’s needs, but this is a great start, and depending on how this nine-month test service performs, Centro may choose to add additional service in the future. Please note that although the SRAA - along with other members of the airport community - have heavily advocated for public transportation, this service is not operated by the SRAA, and the operation of this route is at the sole discretion of Centro.

For SRAA employees and those tenants with employees who park in the employee lot, we’re excited to share some great news with you as well. The SRAA has worked with Centro to provide our airport employees with an additional pick-up and drop-off location near the employee lot that will provide complimentary rides between the employee lot and the terminal building with the presentation of a valid SIDA badge (otherwise, the ride is $1). Again, please refer to the attached schedule to plan your rides accordingly if you wish to take advantage of this courtesy service. Please note this is not a shuttle service and will only operate as the bus passes by the employee lot as part of its normal schedule.

In the future, the SRAA plans to install a bus stop across from the Employee Lot to gather employees wishing to ride from the Employee Lot to the terminal building. In the short term, please walk to any of the pick-up locations between Constellation Way and the Economy Lot to acquire a ride from near the Employee Lot to the terminal building. Please use the crosswalk to safely cross Air Cargo Road. In the opposite direction – terminal building to the Employee Lot – the bus service will immediately begin dropping off directly at the Employee Lot on day one (Tuesday, September 5, 2023).

Like any regularly scheduled service, the precise times at which the bus arrives at the airport may vary from the posted schedule. Centro has encouraged riders to download the “GoCentroBus” app, which includes a live bus tracker. Learn more about the app and how to download it here.