Trash & Recycling

Beginning on January 1, 2023 the Town of Salina will have a new Trash Service provider, Syracuse Haulers.
Any questions regarding the new trash service please call (315) 426-6771.

Syracuse Haulers Trash Service:

Effective 1/1/2023, the Town of Salina will be changing over to Syracuse Haulers, featuring a new automated trash and recycling collection system. Syracuse Haulers will provide each residence with containerized trash and recycling services. The automation of this service will have a positive impact on our town due to the following:

  • Uniformity throughout the Town
  • Environmental impact – (litter reduction)
  • New Trucks will be used throughout the town
  • Safety of the residents (rolling of cart instead of lifting and dragging)
  • Increase recycling numbers due to container volume and every resident will have a container to promote recycling
  • Bird and rodent control

Two new 95-gallon carts will be provided to each home; one for trash and one for single-stream recycling (all recycled material goes in one bin). Please place these carts out after 5 pm the night before or by 6:00 am at the curbside on your regular pickup day. Please place these new carts with the handle facing your home. Keep carts away from any hazards such as mailboxes, lampposts, vehicles, etc. Separate these carts at least five feet from one another (See Image 1), or at opposite sides of your driveway as shown below (See Image 2) All trash & recycling must be placed in the appropriate cart, not on the ground.  Do not attempt to crush down the contents or overpack the cart as this will lead to issues when trying to empty the containers into the trucks.  All recycling materials including cardboard boxes must be placed in the green recycling cart.

These carts have serial numbers for tracking purposes and will be maintained by Syracuse Haulers for all normal wear and tear (a wheel falling off, lid hinge breakage, body cracks etc.) which would result in replacement or repair by Syracuse Haulers. The carts will be the responsibility of the homeowner during the five-year contract. Please be sure to keep track of this equipment and report any wear and tear to Syracuse Haulers at (315) 426-6771. Abuse which includes: fire, paint damages, vehicle crushing, or loss of the equipment would be charged at a rate of $125 per cart to include both the replacement and switch out of the damaged cart. You are not authorized to alter the carts in any way.

Questions regarding recycling material? OCRRA RECYCLING RULES (Printable)
You can also visit

Town of Salina FAQs

  1. What time should I put my carts out for collection? – Place carts curbside no earlier than 5 pm the night before your service day or no later than 6 am on your service day to avoid being missed.
  2. What if I put my carts out late and miss the pickup? – Contact Syracuse Haulers to arrange a return trip for a fee.
  3. What if I want to use my own carts? – Only Syracuse Haulers carts will be serviced. All others will be left behind. We recommend finding a use for them around the house or using them for your brush collection.
  4. How do I dispose of large cardboard boxes? – Break it down and place it in your green Syracuse Haulers cart or call Syracuse Haulers for a special pickup for a fee.
  5. Can I place trash and recycling outside of my carts? – No, nothing will be collected outside of the carts unless previously scheduled for a fee. Bulk items can also be picked up for a Contact Syracuse Haulers for a quote.
  6. Why were my carts missed?
  • Refuse was put out late
  • Overloaded carts - Lids should be closed for collection
  • Unauthorizeds
  • Improper cart placement

Any resident who decides that they need service before their next scheduled pickup day will have to pay a service fee.

  1. What if I need an additional trash or recycling cart for my household? – Contact Syracuse Haulers to set up. Annual fees apply.
  2. How do I prepare my trash for collection? – All trash must be bagged and placed into your black Syracuse Haulers cart. Loose material or bulk items in the trash can will result in you not being serviced.
  3. How do I prepare my recycling for collection? – DO NOT BAG YOUR RECYCLING. All recyclable materials including cardboard boxes are to be placed loosely into your green recycling cart. No trash, food waste, or clothes are to be placed in your recycling cart. Visit for a list of what is recyclable.

Yard Waste Pickup - Superior Waste
Yard Waste is still picked up by Superior Waste Management. Any questions not answered in the above link can be referred to Superior Waste 315-672-3174

Large Item Pick-up - Town of Salina
Large Items are picked up by the Town of Salina Highway Department 4x/ year per ward. Please see the above link for your dates.