Drainage projectThe Town of Salina Highway Department operates out of "a four building complex" located on several acres at 601 Factory Ave, Syracuse, NY 13208. They are open daily from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining nearly one hundred miles of paved roads.

Plowing of the roads is a big responsibility for the Highway Department. The employees take this job seriously and are second to none when it comes to snow removal. The Town is divided into several routes and each route is done systematically with the main roads and the bus routes being cleared first.

Working in trench for drainage projectThe Highway Department has a number of tasks it performs in addition to plowing. They include but are not limited to: installation and maintenance of drainage systems and catch basins, street sweeping, hot patching of roads, pavement resurfacing, repair and installation of street signs, striping of crosswalks, tree trimming and removal, cleaning of roadside ditches, grass cutting, and road repairs just to name a few. Residents are encouraged to call the Highway Department at 315-455-5525 during the regular business hours with requests for services, or if they have any questions.

Contact the Highway Department
Phone: (315) 455-5525
Fax: (315) 455-7508
Email: salinahighway@salina.ny.us

Highway Superintendent:
John Vito

Crew Supervisors:
Jason Iannuzzo

Beth Mathewson