Fire Safety/Complaints

Zoning Compliance/Complaints

The Town does not accept anonymous complaints. A complainant must include their contact information so that the code official can contact them for further information and/or location if necessary. You can file a complaint here.

The primary function of Zoning Compliance is to identify and correct violations of the Town of Salina Zoning Ordinance and other land use regulations and ordinances. The staff operates primarily upon citizen complaints, not searching for violations. The Department works closely with violators to obtain compliance, however if necessary, the Code Enforcement staff will present cases to Justice Court for prosecution. The Town does not regularly:

  • Respond to anonymous complaints
  • Moderate neighbor or interpersonal disputes
  • Investigate boundary/ownership disputes

Fire/Life Safety Inspections

All commercial and multiple residential buildings require periodic Fire/Life Safety inspections for compliance with the Fire Code of New York State.
The Department also conducts fire safety education programs on various subjects dealing with fire prevention and safety.

  • Day care safety
  • Fire extinguisher usage
  • Evacuation training
  • General fire prevention issues
  • The Department also issues Operating Permits for activities required by the Fire Code.
Click here to request an Annual fire inspection for all properties containing one or more areas of public assembly. (750 square feet or 50+ occupant load)

Click here to request Fire inspections for all other occupancies which do not require annual inspections.

Common Code Violations

  • Unsafe buildings: Structures that are structurally unstable.
  • Lawn and lot maintenance: Nuisance weeds and grass that is greater than 10 inches in height for a substantial portion of the lot.
  • Parking and storage of recreational vehicles: Boats and recreation vehicles must be stored in the side or rear yard, except between May 1st and November 1st they may be stored in established driveways.
  • Tractor trailers and trucks: No tractor-trailers or trunks exceeding 7,000 pounds may be parked in a residential area except for loading and unloading.
  • Junked or abandoned vehicles: Any vehicle that is inoperative or lacks a current license plate is considered abandoned and may be stored for a period not exceeding six months. [Exception: junked vehicles or vehicle parts are not allowed.]
  • Waste materials and trash: Rubbish, trash, garbage, and other waste materials may be stored only in proper receptacles.
  • Construction: Permits are required before any construction project begins.
  • Unsecured buildings: Buildings that are abandoned, opened and accessible to children or transients must be boarded up or repaired or demolished.
        You can file a complaint here.